A sacred Project…

Supporting and nurturing the innate capabilities that exist within each one of us to care for ourselves and the dying in our families and our communities.


This project is not about any one person but many. It is about all those who have opened their hearts and minds to care for those they love in a deep connected way – a sacred way.

black, brown, and white bird standing on person right hand

The Programme

Project Management Workshops have been created by Knowledge Tree training to help organizations and local community groups to have a better understanding of the holistic nature of dying, and how we can bring our authentic selves to this sacred process.

Stories and Reflections

Some of those with whom we have worked have offered these insights and thoughts of what this experience has meant to them.

The Sacred Care Project

Reflecting on this significant and meaningful event, the Project raises these questions:

With support and guidance, can small local communities participate in sacred care at the end of the lives of their loved ones, friends and community members? While honouring the life, how do we support and care for each other through the sacred passage of death and dying? Are we able to contemplate our own death and make conscious choices and decisions today for the care we might want to receive at the end of our life? Will this mean taking back some part of the responsibility we have handed over to the medical profession and become more active participants in our own care and choices? Not to replace them, but to be alongside them.  And if so, are we prepared to do this? Would we be helped in this by recognizing and exploring our own spirituality and our sense of the sacred?

The Sacred Project is working towards a deeper and more extensive understanding of, and commitment to this sacred passage, and to enabling families and communities to develop and express their innate capacity for care, working with and for others in a helpful, healing way. It also intends to explore the nature of our living and dying: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Facilitating a discussion regarding the importance of managing our own end of life choices, including a discussion on the importance of making living wills.Encouraging “conversations” with loved ones and families, so that our wishes can be honoured in the event of our dying.

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