It also addresses those who don’t feel they are in that type of situation but still want to be of support.

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What would you like people to know about you when they are gone? What do you want them to know from you when you are gone?

We live in an instant society and many forget to consider the true value of time. What is the importance of time in your life? Will it someday be gone? It’s important for us to begin seeing time as something that can be carefully managed, cared for, and set aside as needed. Before we are born into the world, we are given a plot of time that will involve learning many new things about life. In the grieving process, you as a parent or partner may want to leave a legacy to quote:


It is also important to remember that there is no 100% guarantee that your heart will function as it was designed to be in your life. Don’t be afraid to stretch your capacity to be the person you were created to be to be in your lifetime. Your ultimate goal should be to leave a legacy, again, in honour of your father or mother.


What do you believe is your purpose in life? What is your legacy to our community salvation? You have advantage to impact the future by being more aware of your beliefs that have guided you to this point in your life. Awareness is vital.


Faith is what it takes to create peace of mind in our moments of trouble. We are in times of war and recession; a time of deep change that requires new ways of thinking to keep our energy moving and our hope alive. There is actually an advantage in the uncertainty about what is facing our world and there is actually an advantage in the ambiguity of it all. The act of so-called inaction of preparing for the future is what creates stress. In fact, this is an act of ignorance. If we determine and prepare for the future, we are the ones who take care of our circumstances when they arise in the future. In other words, we can create a peaceful future.

What If?

You may read this and interpret it in the foulest of safe ways. If you do, then at the same time you are likely to be surprised by the benefits from this restructuring of the family and community structure.

There is the possibility that this process of family, friends, neighbors, businesses and community in the benefit is more important than our survival as we know it in our heart.

For as long as we entrust our trust in the norms of the society, we are passive participants in the games of a suffering world.

For as long as we give the value of our life to the homepage of rituals and junk foods, we opt out of the bigger picture of life and instead of changing our habits for the better, we are inevitably bound to suffer. We will die of our addiction to these but fail to realize that the problem is within us and cannot affect others.

For as long as we are bound to the accumulation of material wealth, we are not able to practice the art of living.

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